Groom Preparation In Melbourne

Groom Prep

1.5 hours

When it comes to your wedding day, it's important to capture the full story and the groom prep is a big part of it. I like to capture the details of your wedding day and that starts with the suits, shoes, any important details on the wedding day and most importantly your wedding rings.

Grooms, might not say that they're nervous, but most are - it's nice to document this part of the day and you can generally see the butterflies fluttering, and guys pacing a little before their big day. As a wedding photographer in Melbourne I think it's really important to document the first part of your wedding day as it's one of the only times during the day that your partner doesn't get to see or be a part of

Groom Prep generally takes around 1.5 hours and I will take photos of the details (suit, rings, flowers etc), getting ready photos, any family and bridal party portraits and portraits of the groom by himself.

It's an important part of the day and should be factored into your decision when deciding on how long to hire a wedding photographer for in Melbourne.


2-3 hours

On your wedding day, the bride's preparation is a huge part of it. It's really lovely to be able to look back on these photos and remember the calmness, the fun and laughter then the mad rush to get ready (this only happens sometimes.....). There are several parts to getting ready, and preparation that I love to document - there's the makeup and hair, the dress hanging up, all the small details that play a big part on your wedding day, the first look with your parents, the girls faces when they see you for the first time and the beautiful portraits of you before you say your I do's.

Bride prep generally takes around 2-3 hours (although you will be getting ready for a lot longer than that) and I will take photos of the details (dress, rings, shoes, etc), getting ready, family and bridal party portraits and single portraits of the bride.

I'm almost certain that all wedding photographers in Melbourne will agree that you can't afford not to document this part of the day. When looking at how long to hire a wedding photographer for in Melbourne then you really should factor bride prep into the equation.


First Look At Melbourne Wedding

30 mins

First looks are a unique and non traditional way to celebrate your love on your wedding day in Melbourne and as a wedding photographer, I really love when I get to take part in a first look. It's not for everyone, but if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary and time permits, then this is a really fun way to see each other for the first time on your wedding day.

First looks come in many different shapes and sizes and are completely up to you in how you want to do them - but typically we will head to the ceremony venue a little early and have the groom stand with the wedding photographer. The bride will walk up behind the groom, hug him, whisper into his ear then tap him on the shoulder to turn around. The smiles and emotions are huge when doing first looks and these wedding photos are amazing.

As a wedding photographer in Melbourne I really love getting to do unique things like this and a first look is a great way to save time later in the day, you can do some portraits and even take photos of the full bridal party to save time later, shorting how long you need a wedding photographer for on your wedding day.


Wedding Ceremony In Melbourne

30 - 45 mins

It goes without saying but you will want a wedding photographer there to help capture and document ceremony naturally and candidly. This ranges from the brides arrival, the groom and ushers helping guests to their seats, the brides walk down the aisle (including the must have "grooms first look" photo), the ceremony itself, crowd reaction photos, the first kiss, the signing, the procession and every moment in between.

A lot happens in a wedding ceremony in Melbourne and it's important to find a wedding photographer who knows where to be and when. That way you will have the wedding photos to help you remember every moment of your wedding day.

When asking yourself how long should I book a wedding photographer for in Melbourne, it's important to have an understanding on how long your ceremony will go for and factor that into your decision. But in my opinion and I think the opinion of every wedding photographer in Melbourne, the ceremony is a must have when it comes to wedding day coverage.

THE GROUP SHOT, FAMIly and bridal party photos

Melbourne Wedding Family and Bridal Portraits

30 mins

A great way to celebrate your wedding day with everyone is to do a full wedding group photo - straight after your wedding ceremony make sure everyone hangs around and listens to the photographer. I'll generally take 3 types of wedding group photos: a normal smiling one, one with everyone's hands up in the air and one where everyone cheers you on as you kiss. It's a fun way to get a photo with everyone on your wedding day in Melbourne.

Family photos are generally done straight after the ceremony and before everyone runs inside for canapés and drinks. Make sure you assign a wedding day family person to help round up everyone for photos.

Bridal party photos will generally be done straight after the family photos and then they will accompany us while we do the wedding day portraits to make sure that you are comfortable and having a fun time.

Family photos are generally a must have for couples and it's important to factor this in to a wedding day photography timeline. Just be cautious that the more people that you have photos with the longer this takes - I generally try to keep it to immediate family and get photos with friends once we get to the reception.


Wedding Photography Portraits Melbourne

1 - 1.5 hours

The portrait session is an absolute must have, it's important to document you both as newlyweds, smiling and in love. Wedding Photography should be natural and fun - by the time you get to your wedding day you should feel comfortable with your wedding photographer and the portrait session should be a memorable part of your wedding day.

These are the photos that you will show your friends and family, the ones that you will hang on your wall, set as your phone background and the ones that will help you and the generations to come remember your wedding day.

In my opinion and most like the opinion of every Melbourne Wedding Photographer the portrait session is a must have and you certainly factor it into your decision of how long to have a wedding photographer and your wedding.


Melbourne Wedding Reception Photography


It's time to party! The wedding reception is the second half of your wedding day in Melbourne - there's your entrance, the cake cut, the speeches, dinner, desert, the first dance, the father daughter dance and the dance floor that follows.

Reception coverage also gives you a great chance to get stunning sunset wedding photos and some dramatic night wedding photos.

It also gives you a chance to get roaming photos of all of the guests at your Melbourne wedding celebration.

When deciding on how long to book a wedding photographer for, then you should decide on what parts of the reception that are important for you to have documented.