HI, I'm Matt from Now and Forever photography, your trusted wedding photographer at sky high, mt dandenong. Sky High offers the best of all worlds when it comes to wedding photography - beautiful gardens, great scenery, cooler weather and a great view for the RECEPTION party that follows your wedding Ceremony in the secret garden.

Picture this, you and your partner standing on the Sky High viewing deck, the sun setting and the city dotted with countless shimmering lights. This is exactly the wedding photo that you should expect if you hold your wedding celebration at the award winning Sky High Wedding Venue on Mount Dandenong, Victoria. An icon of outer Melbourne, Sky High has recently been redeveloped and transformed into one of the best places to not only take in the views across the whole of greater Melbourne, but also one of the most stunning places to hold your wedding ceremony.

Sky High, is a beautiful place to to get married, no matter the time of day. It's stunning, day or night. The lush, leafy green surroundings at Sky High create the ideal location for for wedding photography. Imagine yourself and your partner walking amongst the tall trees, you've just said your I do's and now you can watch the natural beauty of Sky High come alive for your wedding portraits. At sunset and as day turns to night, Sky High comes to life. A glowing beautiful sunset, the lights flickering from the cityscape, and if you're lucky the mist from the clouds create stunning conditions for wedding photography. Lighting at Sky High is just right for producing beautiful wedding photographs that you’ll treasure forever.

As far as a wedding venue goes, Sky High has a lot to offer when it comes to your wedding day. The stunning Secret Garden is the perfect setting to say your I do's or if the weather isn't agreeing with you then the Reception Room is the perfect setting to take in the views of the dazzling Melbourne City skyline.

The gardens that surround Sky High offer many stunning locations for wedding photography. If you are looking for natural beauty then the path that runs around the garden is the ideal spot, if you're after a more modern look then the look out building offers you an option, but in my opinion, the balcony from the Reception Room is the go to location. There’s something magical about the sunsets on the deck, because the venue is up so high, you can capture almost dream like wedding photos at Sky High. The sky turns orange, pink, blue and then as night falls, you get a stunningly dark, moody environment for wedding photos. With several ideal shooting locations on site, the possibilities for different styles of wedding portraits are endless.

I have had the pleasure of shooting weddings at Sky High many times, the team are genuinely so nice to work with, the food is great and all in all it's a perfect spot to get married.



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